Brokerage Services


With over 50 years of experience and market knowledge, Roddy Inc. assists end-users and investors in identifying all available properties actively marketed for sale as well as properties not listed in the open market. With a thorough knowledge of property values, rents, transaction trends, competition and anticipated shifts in market conditions, Roddy can guide you through the entire transaction process. If you are looking to purchase an industrial building, land, or office building, Roddy has the resources and expertise to effectively and efficiently accomplish your goals.


Roddy Inc.’s methodically implemented marketing program is designed to add value for our clients’ who desire to sell industrial buildings, land, or office buildings. Our clients’ properties enjoy maximum exposure to qualified purchasers who can take advantage of each property’s unique attributes.  Roddy’s hands-on approach and experience in addressing the complexity of industrial and commercial transactions allows us to seamlessly guide our clients through the entire sale process, from inception of marketing through closing. Through our knowledge and utilization of State and County financing and incentive programs, Roddy consistently demonstrates the benefits of utilizing such programs. Roddy is the only firm that specifically promotes these State and County financing and incentive programs in its marketing materials.


Roddy Inc. represents landlords in marketing and leasing industrial buildings, land, and office buildings to qualified, capable tenants who add value to the properties they lease. By serving as the intermediary between the landlord and tenant, Roddy provides the ‘insulation’ needed to negotiate the most competitive transaction without straining the relationship of the parties.


Roddy Inc. has the knowledge to place you (as the tenant) in a more informed position than the ownership or agent of a property that you may wish to pursue. This enables you to negotiate more effectively and competitively from the start. In addition, engaging Roddy as your exclusive agent will allow you to navigate the market confidentially, without unnecessary exposure to competitors, labor, and key suppliers.


It is not uncommon for a tenant’s needs to change during the term of its lease.  Should you find you have a need for a larger or smaller facility during the term of your lease, Roddy Inc. can help secure an appropriate subtenant for your space. Subleasing gives you the opportunity to move into a more suitable property with none of the added costs associated with the previous space.